Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Simple Things...

That give me oh so much joy! Although the last week has been rather lonely without my other half, today I have found much joy! This morning my sleep was interrupted by the ringing of my phone, my mom answered on the other end "Oh Lainey, I'm glad you weren't sleeping." I guess I didn't sounds sleepy enough, it made me laugh.

After helping my parents with something I got home and went for a run. I don't know why I don't got for runs more often, I really do enjoy them. The fact that I actually accomplished that today, well that alone fills my cup to overflowing! Then to make my day even better, after purchasing an exterior fan for my laptop and now have a much more reliable computer. By that I mean that it has now lasted for over an hour without going dumb on me when typically it shuts down ever few minutes. I called my darling about my new found joy and gave him an air high five through the telephone! I am truly ecstatic!
On top of all that good news I also have some other even more awesome news! We have now officially sold the house and my darling Ben is down in our new place unpacking...all 14 hours away from me. It is pretty impressive seeing how the market has been. We are really happy things worked out the way they did.

Best Weekend All!