Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's just after 5am

(written on October 8th)

my baby girl is trying her best to fall asleep near the foot of my bed. I've been up for an hour. I nursed her and her father took her sleeping little body off to bed. Then, I curled up comfy in my duvet and started my journey back to sleep. It didn't last long. Minutes later Isla threw herself into a tizzy and Ben answered her call.

He snuggled her close, wrapped her in blankets and rocked her. Eventually he had her practically asleep against his chest on the couch. Then, I had to pee. That sweet little girl who I thought was sleeping noticed me walk into the bathroom and was no longer okay with her sleeping arrangement, silly girl. So I brought her into the room and after a few moments realized she would likely to better if I just let her lay on the bed beside me, rather than against me. She quickly settled in on top of my down duvet, squirming and flapping like a little bird trying to find the best position and location. Rubbing her chin with her blanket. Occasionally she lets out a squawk and I "shh shh shh" her back to sleep. Now she sleeps near the foot of my bed.

I'm not sure if sleep is on its way to me though. I think someday we may need to invest in a bigger bed.