Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting Caught Up (Four Weeks of Portraits)

We've been gone for a three weeks on holidays, and I was without the use of a laptop which was actually quite nice. So today I am finally sitting down and getting caught up on the weekly portraits.


Isla: Your truly most happy when you are outside and free.


Isla: On this particular day you were a bit of a grouch so, I dressed you up like a little bumble bee hoping the spirit of the outfit would rub off on seemed to have worked, at least a little bit.


Isla: Walking around camp like you own the place. You loved to choose your own direction and often people would just move around you as you were so small amongst a bunch of teenagers.


Isla: Playing Peek-a-boo with mommy, pooping up from on the couch. Our last few days at camp were likely our best. You finally pooped those three bothersome teeth and were back to your usual self. You were eager to play and socialize with everyone.