Thursday, November 21, 2013

Positivity in Parenting

The last two weeks or so I have been bombarded with a lot of negativity towards being a parent, particularly a mother. It has really hurt my heart and caused me a lot of sadness. So, I put it out there that I was looking for some positivity. I asked: What their favorite thing about being a mom was? OR, what was their favorite mommy moment? and I got some great responses. Many different moms, mothers of adult children, mothers of babies and toddlers, older moms, younger moms, grandmas. It was lovely. So, here world I'm going to throw you some positivity! I know there are definitely times I need it.

-The moment you go into your baby's room after they have woken up, the huge grin that spreads across their face when they notice it is you, mommy!

(I thought I'd add some pictures, just cause she is so sweet.)

-That triumphant moment when you successfully transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer using only your toes.

-My favorite thing changes all the time but right now my favorite thing is when Lars puts his lips into a kiss shape and goes "mmmmma" while leaning forward to kiss me. This usually is followed by a hug. Makes me feel so loved.

-When your child does something for the first time and they are so excited.

-I have many favorite moments but one has to be acting in The Sound of Music with all three girls. I was Marie and they were three of the Von Trapp Children. That was in 2000.

-I love the raw honesty in the things kids say and their wonderful observations about the world around them. if only we could bottle that up and keep it forever.

-I love going into their rooms at night, before I go to bed, and just watching them sleep. So peaceful and beautiful. Gives me a moment to reflect on how blessed I am.

-My favorite thing is the sound of her giggle. I love that I can make her laugh.

-I realize now that it is wonderful to have children who love me and are looking after my needs. I am glad I had them.

-My favorite thing at the moment...listening to my 2.5 year old talk I love his voice and hearing new words he learns; and when my 2 month old looks at me and thing in the world!!

-Favorite thing, hugs whenever you want them, and the more kids you have the more hugs you get! Favorite moment? Every single one of those hugs.

-When I see my older kids being kind and respectful to each other/themselves/others I feel intensely happy about who they are becoming.

-I love seeing their perspective on the world. Recently, Heidi & Avery learned the song "The B-I-B-L-E" but Heidi changed the words to, "I stand up tall to hear the word of God." Which makes way more sense then, "I stand alone on the word of God," in her opinion.
Oh, and the baby smiles, they are the best.

-I am never good with picking favorites of any kind. I tell you some things that I love and loved. I loved the awareness when pregnant, that an individual, a stranger if you will, was growing sheltered and safe inside me and that the rest of my life would be spent getting to know this person and watching them become. I loved holding my child for the first time, and even more, seeing their daddy hold them. I love/loved those moments when as a couple, you share that oneness and pride/joy as you revel in your infant or grown child. I loved feeding kids food they love.

-I loved heating their towels in the dryer and wrapping them in them after a bath. I loved their clean rosy little faces after bath.

-I love going camping and adventures with them.
 I love taking them to the cabin in Salmon Arm. 

-I love meeting their different friends as they grew older and having them over. I loved watching them grow up, watching their faith and personalities develop.

-My favorite thing about being a mom is to see how both my babies grew into kind, compassionate happy adults.

We all have those moments where we get bogged down in negativity, in those moments it is nice to have things to look back on, those moments that lift our spirit. If we see things more positively difficult moments seem less difficult. Living in the moments, and being able to stay positive in the hard times makes for a happier me, happier Isla, and all together happier environment. I know that these moments and thoughts help me to have a more positive outlook. How about you? What are some of your favorite mommy moments?