Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting Older.

It is weird how easy it is to watch time go by and feel as if these moments are not building. I have such a hard time seeing time add up and seeing myself turn from a young naive teenager to a less young still rather naive adult. I can't imagine how weird it is for my mom to see me and know how little I once was in her arms.

It has been almost a year since we moved, I will probably make a specific post the day of, and now looking back I know I've grown. It was life changing in so many ways and has opened my eyes to who I am. 

I am not going to go into great detail about who I am - instead - I am going to tell you about a few lessons I've learned while stumbling along the way. So, here goes:
1) Trust yourself. Follow your gut and don't let others opinions fog your perceptions.

2) Allow yourself to achieve. We often make roadblocks to stop ourselves from trying or doing something we are scared to fail at. This brings me to number 3.

3) Allow yourself to fail, then pick yourself up dust yourself off and try again.

4) Sometimes waiting doesn't do any good. When we first moved I thought, well people will want to know me and will introduce themselves and that is how I will make friends....no such luck. It turns out I had to be the one who made the phone calls and initiated interactions. This is something I am still working on.

5) Allow yourself to feel. There are moments when the best thing you can do is truly feel the moment let it encapsulate you and after totally feeling it through you are able to let go. This tends to be more the case when it comes to feelings for grief and sorrow and sadness. That said....

6) Live in each moment. I am totally working on this and I am getting better at  it. Enjoying the moment you are living makes it easier to forget about worries and stresses and know that everything is going to be alright.

I am sure that there are more but, at the time being these are the things that have been the big fixtures in my life and things that looking back make me realize I have grown. By no means have I mastered any of these "lessons" but, like I said along the way, I am working on it.

How about you? What lessons have you learned in this past year/month/week? What are things that, looking back, show growth, signifying to you that you have indeed gotten older?

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Sister is Getting Married!

In one week and one day my sister will be walking down an aisle towards her lovely soon-to-be-husband. I am so excited for her. Being married is awesome.
Wont lie though, it is the end of an era and it is kind of making me teary eyed. I've been looking back at photos, I am in charge of her slideshow so I couldn't help it, and it is incredible to me how fast it has all gone. 

It seems like just a week ago she was letting me hang out with her and her friends because I wasn't able to make any of my own. Growing up she was my best friend, probably because she had to love me but, and where you invest your love you invest your life. I was just so fortunate to have her love me and therefore invest her life in me.

She was the one who showed me where the chocolate chips were so I could sneak them. She was the one who did my hair for dances. She was the one I'd talk to about boys, and boy trouble. She was the one who would dress up with me, sometimes requiring underwear as headgear and plastic bags as capes, to attack dad when he got home from work. She was often my partner in crime, helping me sneak cookies from the garage, stay up late to watch The O.C., and drive old Rufus Rustus before I got my "L" because I needed "practice". She was the one I'd cry to when something went wrong. She is the best friend I could ever ask for and the most amazing sister I was lucky enough to have.

Now here we are, about to start a whole new era. We are married. We are going to call and try and help each other with marital woes; We will discuss which laundry detergent is best for those pesky grass stains, what is best at ridding the tub of scum, how to keep misquotes at bay....it is vitamin C by the way, and where to find the best most figure flattering jeans. I am excited about this new era but, I am going to miss the last era for a while I think.

I love you Kirsten....so much. I pray your marriage is blessed. May you be forever loved by your amazing Mike.