Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016, I Bid You Adieu.

2016, You have been a tough year. We have gone through some pretty tough places. I don't care to delve too fully into our year but, in many ways it is a year I am happy to put behind us.

Most would likely say I am an optimistic person....occasionally I have a flair for the dramatic but - for the most part, I am a rose coloured glasses kind of girl. This year we had some beautiful moments, that were necessary, given that the rest of the stuff was HARD. Even things that are very much blessings can be a struggle, and no I am not talking about my kiddos...although I guess the same can be said about them.

We started the year with illness, and I mean a NEVER ending cold. It seemed as though we were fighting croup, colds, ear infections, for well over a month. Throw some thrush in there and we were having a lovely Viral Bacteria Party. Ben and I spent most of that time in a sleepy haze, I likely came off as a crazy person during that time as I was VERY sleep deprived. I do not have good sleepers, so adding illness to the mix was NOT helpful. Then we ended the year with a two week long bout of the stomach flu....we are talking what felt like never ending puke and poop.

Honestly, this year doesn't sound to hard when written. It's when I get down to the nitty gritty, the things that you don't write down, the things that aren't often shared, where it starts to feel heavy. When I think about how hard all this transition has been on my Isla, how she cries about missing Nanaimo and her friends there, that feels hard. It's when I think about how frustrating it can be to try and maintain a romantic relationship while living under the same roof as your parents, that feels hard(sorry Ben). It was the constant battle with different bug's and flu's. It was the detail that made it hard, yet in the same breath it was that detail that made it beautiful. Moments where I would look deeply at my children and be overwhelmed with love. Moments where I would look at my husband and just KNOW how loved I truly am.

So 2016, I am happy we made it through, you have been a heavy year. I am looking forward to 2017 and am praying that God will allow this year to be a little bit lighter.