100 things...

1. My name is Lainey Melissa
2. I was named after my Oma whose name is Helene but as a child she was called Lainey.
3. She is such an amazing women I only wish I could be more like her.
4. My name means bright shining light. I take it upon myself to be that.
5. I believe in Jesus Christ and that he saved me.
6. I learned how to ride my bike when I was four.
7. I no longer own a bike, but hope that changes in the next few years.
8. I learned how to tie my shoes when I was seven. Till then I had those twirly laces that all you had to do is pull them and they'd tighten.
9. I am friendly but, as a child had difficulty making friends.
10. I was a super lanky kid.
11. I was made fun of because I was crazy lanky.
12. I was diagnosed with A.D.D. when I was in grade 5.
13. My teacher thought that it would be a good idea to tell my peers about this diagnoses, that maybe if they understood me better they would be kinder. She was wrong.
14. I only have one real close friend from school, we still talk often. He is awesome.
15. I didn't get to know him till I was in grade 12. Does that count?
16. I am the second of five children. I have an older sister two younger brothers and the youngest is my little sister, she is 15.
17. I love being from a large family, and hope sometime I can have a large family of my own.
18. I think my mother may be the most amazing person. I truly admire her.
19. I am a romantic through and through.
20. I married young, and feel so blessed to have found true love so young.
21. I live in a wee apartment with one bedroom, one husband (duh) and one cat.
22. I much prefer living in a small home than a large home. Smaller homes are easier to keep clean.
23. I used to dress up in a tutu and run through the forest behind my parents house as a child.
24. I wish it was still acceptable to dress up in a tutu and run through a forest as an adult.
25. Last year as costumes for camp I made my cabin tutu's.
26. I've been a volunteer leader for an organization called Young Life for years and am very passionate about what they do.
27. I met my hubby through Young Life.
28. I am enthusiastic.
29. Or stoic.
30. I am mostly an extreme emotion, I barely sit in the middle. When I do sit in the middle it tends to freak people out.
31. This is best observed while I am watching a movie. You can tell what kind of movie it is by what you hear coming from me, my tears echo through the house, my laughs erupt.
32. I have quite the set of lungs. In other words I am loud, and I am constantly working on getting it under control. I really don't realize it half the time.
33. I have a slight obsession with Iceland and would move there in a heartbeat if given opportunity, and funds, and visa's, etc.
34. I love music, it is my escape. I am by no means a musical person, although I like to believe I can sing, I just love listening to music and often times get absorbed by it.
35. I am horrible at snapping. Can't do it. I blame my small fingers.
36. I have yet accomplish any sort of post-secondary education.
37. As a child I wanted to be anything my dad was.
38. As a young child I believed my dad to be an NHL player, and I too was going to become an NHL player.
39. I have never played hockey, at least not on ice with skates.
40. When I found out my dad was a carpenter I asked my Uncle for a tool set for Christmas. I got it, and build a model airplane with my father that Christmas.
41. I no longer want to become my dad. I still think he is an amazing man.
42. I still am not sure what I want to become when I grow up. All I know for sure is that I do want to become a mom.
43. I love picnics, I actually have a vintage picnic basket.
44. I also love kites and how amazing the look flying in the sky.
45. I do not own a kite.
46. I love dancing. I don't dance enough though.
47. I love mugs. I have a few sets. I don't use them enough, I used them more before I moved.
48. Sometime I too will collect unique china tea-cups like my mom.
49. When I was a child I had a favorite teddy bear, I named him Teddy-Teddy-Tum-Tum.
50. I sucked my thumb till I was eight.
51. I stopped sucking my thumb because my grandpa sent me a letter telling me he would stop going through red lights if I stopped sucking my thumb.
52. I also have a blanket, my mom took it onetime while I was having a sleepover at a friends and put it in a zip-lock bag and hide it so I wouldn't wreak it. She thought I may want it as an adult for my own children, she was right.
53. I used to twiddle my thumb into the little strings in-between the patches of my blanket. I would whined it so tight that it would cut off my fingers circulation and I would end up waking up crying. My dad would then have to come down stairs and undo it.
54.When I was three I was playing with a bouncy ball, it went behind my moms sewing desk. When I reached behind to get it my fingers got caught in a mouse trap.
55. I feel off my deck when I was seven. I didn't find out that I broke three ribs till I was nine.
56. I broke my arm during a race in grade 5. A girl pushed me over. I still got in fifth!
57. I had a faze where I liked the name Robin better than my own. I don't know what I was thinking.
58. I didn't work hard enough in High School.
59. I am a college drop-out.
60. I want a small house character house someday. Smaller the house the less space to clean.
61. When I have a house I want a claw foot tub. If it doesn't have one I am buying one.
62. My family didn't own a T.V. till I was seven. We didn't have cable and only really watched movies occasionally.
63. I used to tell my grandpa stories about bunnies and bears.
64. My dream is to someday become a children's author.
65. I prefer children's books to adult books.
66. I still regret trading my favorite red tank top in grade seven.
67. I hate sleeping alone in my bed.
68. I love cooking, most of the time.
69. I love chewing gum but, can't chew it because I have a 
Temporomandibular joint disorder problem.
70. I never smoked, drank, or did any sort of drugs in High School.
71. I still haven't smoked or done any illegal drugs.
72. I only drink occasionally and mostly at social events.
73. I go to bed fairly early. Typically between 9:30 and 10. pm.
74. I wake up early. I try to sleep in, it doesn't happen. I am normally awake between 5:30 and 6:30 am, even on weekends.
75. I've told my husband I want to be the first to go. I don't think I could ever deal with having to bury him.
76. I have a very difficult time dealing with death, I don't fear it as much as misunderstand it.
77. I have never had to deal with a family member dying, excluding my baby brother who died at 3 months when I was two.
78. I wish I still had the imagination I had as a child.
79. I am tempted to home-school my future children because what I went through in elementary school but, at the same time I think that what I went through helped me grow and become compassionate for the underdog.
80. I want to be a stay at home mom.
81. I look forward to growing old.
82. I love dresses, and wish I could wear them more. 
83. I love weddings. Ceremonies almost always get me in tears now.
84. My mom used to call me her bohemian baby. I was an unconventional kid but, by no means was I a floozy.
85. I do hope that our children are unconventional too, it makes for fun children.
86. I do not think I live a bohemian lifestyle but, I do admire it.
87. I want to learn how to play the ukulele.
88. I have recently started going to the gym...well okay 5 months ago. Which caused me to re-discover my love of running.
89. I'd like to be able to run a 10 kilometer in the next year.
90. I used to think I had size 9 feet, I actually have size 7.
91. I love it when my husband plays guitar.
92. As a child I loved watching the Anne Of Green Gables series. I have yet to read the books.
93. I love food, maybe a bit to much but, I am not very good at making a point of cooking a proper dinner.
94. I have a collection of Aprons, I love aprons. I think every wife should own one.
95. I have a small collection of buttons, I am very particular. I do love buttons though.
96. I got married in a Park. The same park we had our first date, and the same park where he proposed to me.
97. I had blond hair throughout my childhood. The week before I started grade twelve I dyed my hair to a dark brown....my roots never came in.
98. I can hyper extend my ankles and make it so my feet turn almost backwards.
99. I don't consider a home to be a place where you reside as much as a place where your heart feels it belongs.
100. Getting married to my best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My wedding day was the best day of my life to date.