Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some words on a page.

I sit in the living room while my husband is curled up in the bed sleeping. I've just woken up from a much needed nap and am loving this moment. Sitting, listening to music quietly fill this sleepy room. The fullness of the music is such of perfection, it is almost as though I am in the cut scene of a movie where the music lives and for a moment has a chance to tell the story. 

My toes are finally warm although rather clammy. They have been cold all day and now after a nap they are curled up under a knit blanket, I am enjoying their heat as it slowly escapes. I know in a few minutes they will once again be chilly and I will be forced to put them in some warm woolen socks.  

Fingers slide slowly over the keyboard I am hoping they will come up with something I dub sufficient. They slowly pitter patter making music as they find letters to create words. My fingers are one of my favorite assets, they are long and slender and I love how they feel in my husbands hands. They are the one feature that make me feel like a dainty little lady. My fingers are my crowned jewel. I remember being so excited to be able to wear my engagement ring once Ben proposed. Finally my fingers got the most beautiful yet perfectly simple crown they deserved. I still am excited for people to notice my ring, my perfect ring, it means they have been looking at my beautiful fingers.

Love songs quickly pace through me as I absorb them feeling rather sentimental. I can't believe I have been with my most amazing man for over five years. I can't believe that we are quickly coming up to our third anniversary. Life has been amazing. God has directed our paths and I am so glad that he directed me to this most amazing man. He is my best friend, and although there are times he aggravates me, there are so many moments I am just so amazed that someone can love me so deeply and care about me so strongly. He is my most amazing man.

Today is a good day, this excellent moment to myself as I remember. I remember some most fantastic moments. God has blessed me. I have a fantastic husband, two wonderful jobs, and such a loving family. I am blessed.