Thursday, November 10, 2016


Its been a while since I have wrote. Lots of things have happened. There have been many times where I have wanted to write, where I've tried to write, I just haven't found the words. Being a mother to two little ones isn't easy.

This year has been a year of transitions. 

In March Ben heard of a position within Young Life opening in Cranbrook, our home town, and after lots of prayer, talking to friends and family, having different staff members tell him to apply, he decided to apply. It was a fairly long process including several interviews. Finally, in May, Ben was offered the job and he eagerly said "Yes".

We originally were told they wanted us in Cranbrook by September, then August, and finally July. So we packed up all our belongings, said our goodbyes, and moved across the province. This was a very hard move for Isla as her entire world was in Nanaimo, she had friends, favourite places, and although she has traveled throughout BC plenty Nanaimo was her Home. She is not a child who is flexible to change, Calvin adapts quickly seamlessly, Isla not so much.

When we began to look into housing in Cranbrook we realized the rental market was pricey. We were looking at paying almost double for a comparable place. So after some thought, and a generous gift, and my parents offering, we decided the best plan was to stay at my parents while we put together the money needed to purchase a place.

As with all things, our plans are often not the same as God's. While we had intended on staying with my parents for four months or so - things changed. Rules and regulations around buying recently made it harder to purchase and now instead of buying this month, like we had originally intended, we are now having to wait another 4-6 months.

God loves to teach you, stretch you, and stop you from becoming to comfortable. Faith shouldn't be comfortable. Faith should push you continually.

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is being sure we will get what we hoped for. It is being sure of what we can not see.

I am sure that we will one day get a house. I am sure God will provide us a house, and although it isn't tangible right now, I know it is there and that we will soon have a place to call home.

Transitions are HARD.
Transitions cause growing.
And sometimes we are stuck in transition for a long time, without view of the end, or without knowledge of how to get out.
God is in the transitions.

And so we will wait, God's timing is perfect.