About Him.

His name is Ben. He is twenty-something year old. I could ramble on about how amazing he is for quite sometime but, I will try to keep it shortish.

Ben is funny, he has such an amazing sense of humor. He can be quite mischievous. He is compassionate, one of the most compassionate people I know. He is sweet and loyal. He is the youngest of two children and is the only boy. He was raised in a Christian family and has one of the most authentic relationships with God that I have ever seen. 

His favorite movie is Back to the Future. His favorite super hero is Spider-Man. His favorite person is me and our baby. He enjoys video games, reading (although he prefers reading enjoyable books and not ones for school), and spending time on the couch watching a movie with me.

He is the Area Director for Young Life Nanaimo, and absolutely loves his job...most of the time.

He is super handsome and very loving and he is all mine.