Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Fall Slow Down.

I wont lie, I have never been a great fan of fall. I' never really enjoyed it. Fall meant that summer was over and school was to begin. I was one of those kids who actually didn't really look forward to school starting up. This year, although it has been tough to get back to a routine, I am enjoying fall.

I am enjoying the crisp clean air. I am enjoying the days darkening and mornings slowly arising as if it is a surprise every time. I like curling up with my knitting and feeling as though it fits.

 My music is slowing down as I prepare for the inevitable lethargic winter to arrive and cover me like a blanket, knit with memories of home. My words feel the need to be more like a written letter, slow, thoughtful, romantic. I am slowing down.

I want to nuzzle in and love on my hubby. I want to be close to people who love me and be loved on. I want to enjoy the slowing down that is fall. I want to capture these precious moments and bottle them up so I can sip on them throughout.

I think fall is supposed to be a great slow down. I think it is time where you move from the party that was summer. I think it the time where you take a tally on things and measure and nod and allow yourself to do nothing because you feel less like you are missing out on something. I mean after a big party you need time to recuperate, and that is Fall. Fall is quiet. Fall is slow. Fall is absolutely thee most perfect thing to happen after summer, and I am totally enjoying it. I am enjoying the great slow down.

I'm going to get some tea to sip on while I breath in this amazing season.