Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th 2011

Dear Husband,

In just over a week we will be venturing back to Cranbrook. Okay, closer to two weeks. Either way it is not to long till we are in the town where it all began. I am so looking forward to it. What I am looking forward to most though is the wedding of my sister.

Thinking about the  step my sister is about to take, the life changing decision she is making, takes me back to the day when we took that leap. We made a promise to love, cherish, and walk with one another almost two years ago and what an amazing journey it has been and has yet to be.

We have had our ups and downs in these past few years and it hasn't been easy living by any means but, I can tell you that I love you more now than I did that day almost two years ago. You are such an amazing man and I feel so blessed to be your wife. I love you Benjamin.

Love your wife,

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Mornings...

I never used to be a morning person, and maybe I still am not, but because I work fairly early in the morning for some reason even on weekends I can no longer sleep in. Sleeping in is sleeping till 7:30.

I don't necessarily have a routine nailed down, it isn't set in stone. I do however have a way I typically do things. I always wake up at least an hour before work starts, not because it takes me that long to get ready or because I have a long commute, because I like to have time to just be me. I like time to chill on the couch with a warm bevy sometimes a book, most of the time the laptop, and relax.

This is the only time during the day that I really get to relax. So I try my best to soak it up. 

I really do enjoy it. Ben is still sleeping, Rocco is sitting quietly beside me, or snuggled up by Ben on the bed. There are no distractions, and for an hour I can just be. So I guess by default I have become a morning person.

I hope someday when I have children of my own I will wake up with one and be able to snuggle and soak up their every breath, touch, sound. I want to be one of those mothers who bakes breakfast and has hot chocolate waiting for them as they wake.