Monday, June 20, 2011

My Mornings...

I never used to be a morning person, and maybe I still am not, but because I work fairly early in the morning for some reason even on weekends I can no longer sleep in. Sleeping in is sleeping till 7:30.

I don't necessarily have a routine nailed down, it isn't set in stone. I do however have a way I typically do things. I always wake up at least an hour before work starts, not because it takes me that long to get ready or because I have a long commute, because I like to have time to just be me. I like time to chill on the couch with a warm bevy sometimes a book, most of the time the laptop, and relax.

This is the only time during the day that I really get to relax. So I try my best to soak it up. 

I really do enjoy it. Ben is still sleeping, Rocco is sitting quietly beside me, or snuggled up by Ben on the bed. There are no distractions, and for an hour I can just be. So I guess by default I have become a morning person.

I hope someday when I have children of my own I will wake up with one and be able to snuggle and soak up their every breath, touch, sound. I want to be one of those mothers who bakes breakfast and has hot chocolate waiting for them as they wake.

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