Sunday, November 18, 2012

Groans and Growth.

It is becoming winter. There is a chill in the air that is biting and frost grows thick on the grass in the evening. My belly grows and groans as the child inside me consumes more and more space within my body. Time is passing so quickly, soon enough my wee one will be in my arms and not my belly. I am trying to enjoy each moment of my pregnancy, each kick, hiccup, small moment alone to talk with my wee one. I love the hands of the wee ones I work with as they gently touch my belly saying hi to the small one inside. They use names we've given it and excitedly anticipate it's arrival in "March". Oh how this child is loved.

I read to the wee one in the evening before I go to bed, something I plan to continue as it grows outside of me. That moments peace where I just lay comfortable in my bed surrounded by the warmth of my room. How precious these moments are.

Sometimes I look at my husband and I can already see him as a father. He loves so sweetly and cares so deeply. I am so enjoying these last few months of being two before this wee third comes along, but excitedly anticipate watching him with our child. He will be so great.

My dear child, you are so very loved.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This November.

Fall is slowly turning into winter and people are slowly retreating inside and getting cozy in front of fireplaces (or T.V.'s) curling up under cozy knit blankets with someone they love. It is an excellent time of the year. This year as I sit snugly and safely under my blanket I think of all the changes that came with this year. All of them were exciting, but most were a little scary too. I have a new job, actually two. We are living in a new wee house. Ben started working doing his dream job. The biggest, most exciting and also most scary, change has been having this wee one growing inside me. Last year I was blogging about healthy eating and showing pictures of the weight loss, this year I am posting pictures of my growing belly. Oh how much change a year can bring.

I am so loving washing baby items and finding homes for them within our home. Folding wee clothes and sweet blankets and tucking them away safely in the dresser as I anticipate the arrival of our wee babe in March.

I am loving the kicks and oh the little hiccups that vibrate within me as my babe grows and develops. Oh, how lovely that is. Such a precious and beautiful reminder of the life I have growing within me.

I am loving...skittles, sweet maria's, kit-kat's, just chocolate in general, warm beverages. I am loving pasta, most of the time. Food and I are friends and I am enjoying that.

I am loving my prenatal yoga class. It has been one of the most relaxing things for me this past month. Life has been filling up so it has been so nice to have a weekly scheduled time for relaxation. I love being with so many other ladies who are also experiencing this amazing gift. I love the stretches, I love the vocal toning, I love that so many of the yoga positions that we learn are also positions we can use when we are laboring to bring our babies into the world. 

I am loving the anticipation, the name lists, the expansion of my belly. I feel I am going through a women's right of passage and what an amazing experience. I am so loving being a mom, and I have yet to even hold the wee child my husband and I created. My heart beats so strong for this child and the rhythmic pounding lulls my baby into a comfortable slumber within me. I just can't wait to breath it in and hold it in my arms and smell it as it is soothed by my voice, my smell, my breath, my heart beat. What an amazing time, I wish it would slow down so I can really breath it in and live it to the full; At the same time I wish it would pass faster so I could hold my baby.

Oh my dear baby you are so beautifully and masterfully made by your God and he is taking his time making you perfect.