Saturday, March 2, 2013


The house is still and silent. My cat softly sighs as she sleeps and my husband is napping in our room. I woke up but a half hour ago from a nap myself. It is just one of those afternoons.

The day has turned. This morning was dark with heavy rain clouds threatening to rain on our day then breaking and pouring out heavy rain drops. Rain bounced off of the wood on our back porch, trying to get into our little blue house. Now the sky has changed, the rain has stopped and soft white clouds dance in the blue sky. The wood of my fence still soaked from the events of earlier today, what a contrast to the sky. Rain begs you to slow down, stay inside, turn up the heat and cuddle. We were so busy though.

Ben had arranged a bottle drive today so that some of our local teens can go to camp, it is something that takes up your whole morning and afterwards he is spent. I had some errands to run myself as I continue to prepare for the arrival of my wee child. I gave myself some time to bathe but was busy otherwise.

Now that the sun is out our house is silent. I am wishing for the opposite. I may have to go for walk and pick up some groceries for dinner, I need to do something and enjoy this light.

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