Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Four Months

How did it happen? How did four months slip past and my tiny newborn become giggly, squirmy, bundle of baby. She is such a happy baby. Easily contented and will even smile a midst crying. She smiles with her whole body, her shoulders lifting up to her ears as if they too are grinning. She loves to play, and squeals with joy often. She holds her hands together and fiddles with her fingers. When she is tired she puts one hand in her mouth to suck on and her other hand she holds up by her ear and twirls her hair, it is the sweetest thing.
She is a rolling master now, and will roll both ways. When she can really move, it will be happy day (for her). The faces she makes melts me, she is so animated. I look forward to her waking up in the morning and seeing her smiling face. I try to breath in every moment I can with her while she is still so small. When I nurse her she pets me and pulls her fingers through my hair, cooing and smiling while looking up at me. These moments are what I want to remember. She wont be small for long, so while she is I am going to enjoy all I can. 

P.S. - If you press play on the playlist to the right the first song is Isla's favorite song. I swear Wake Owl is the baby whisperer.

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