Friday, May 16, 2014

I Am A Mother.

I remember being young and drawing pictures of what I wanted my family to look like when I was older.
My Husband.
My Children.
MANY Children.
the order, the age gap, the gender, the names. I would draw and I would image and I would dream.
I was a bit of an idealist, I'm still a bit of an idealist.
Oh did I ever want to be a mother.

Now, here I am and I can say that - without a doubt - my dream has come true. I am a mother. It may not look exactly like the pictures I drew when I was young but, it is so much better.
Yes. There are days that are rough, there are days where I lose myself in the chaos that surrounds me, times where I clean up the same mess about a dozen times; There is diapers to be laundered, clothes to be folded, meals to be made, but that love...oh that love, it is all encompassing. The love for my child is more than I ever imagined. The way she smiles when I enter her room in the morning, how her sad sobs break my heart, how she knocks on the bathroom door when I'm bathing...expecting an invite.

I am not trying to say that being a mother is an easy job, I am not trying to down play any difficulty, because there is a lot, I'm saying that even if it is the most challenging job you will ever have it is the job you will love the most.

I often feel very blessed to be so lucky. There are many women out there that would love to be able to be a mother, there are many women who wish that they could be pregnant, women who are going through infertility, women who are looking into adoption, there are so many who long to be mothers. My heartaches for them, as they are mothers...they just have yet to hold their child. 

So to all the mothers out there
ALL of them (those trying to conceive, those going through a loss, those going through adoption, those that are young, those that are old, those who have mothered many through foster care, and those who are blessed to hold their child.)

Happy (late) Mothers Day! You are a Mother.

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