Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I don't know why, I don't really have a selective reason but, I am excited. I guess just seeing how far we have come and being able know that with Ben's schooling the end is in sight just excites me. I am so excited about what our future has in store and I so look forward to enjoying every little moment as we grow old together, learning new things, trying new things, and becoming more and more in love.

Life hasn't always been easy for us, goodness it still isn't, but knowing that we have one another has always been an encouragement. We have been so fortunate.

Yesterday Ben took me out longboarding for my first time. He encouraged me, and helped me the whole way through, never pushing me to hard and allowing me to go at my own pace. I slowly was able to balance on the board, soon I was able to push myself on the board, and after an hour I was able to balance, push off, and stop myself, all while talking, for me that is an accomplishment. Something isn't worth learning if you can't talk while doing it.

While I boarder along in the parking lot we talked. We talked about how fortunate we are in that we have a loving and committed relationship and we are still young. Many people aren't able to find love until they are much older. We reminisced about our past year in a new place, officially a year on September 12. We talked about our hopes for our future.

I just feel so blessed to have someone I am so completely compatible with, who loves me through and through. I feel so blessed that I get to grow old with this amazing man. I feel so blessed that someday we will be able to parent together and watch as a child we created together grows and learns, and we too with it.

I am excited. What are you excited for?


Ash said...

Nice reading your blog Lainey. Great to hear that you and Ben are doing so well - and it was great seeing you a few short weeks ago! You asked in your entry what we are excited about. Lyle and I are excited, like you and Ben, to see where life takes us... farm, kids, jobs, travels, etc.
I really like your blog name - The Carrot Flower. How'd you come up with it?

The Carrot Flower said...

Nice to hear from you Ash. It was so nice to have been able to visit with you and Lyle a few weeks back. Nice to hear what you are excited about, sounds like we are at a similar point.
I came up with my blogs name because I really liked the song "king of carrot flowers" by Neutral Milk Hotel and used to use "the carrot flower" as my IM name all the time. When it came to making a blog it was one of the first things that came to mind but, when I thought about it more it just seemed right. Like a carrot flower I not only want to be pretty on the outside but I am want to have strong roots and produce "good fruit", and I want my blog to reflect that.