Monday, February 25, 2013

Three Years.

I have always enjoyed writing. It has been something I've been passionate about since I was young. I had journals half filled and filed away with memories of from my young mind. I turn red reading them now, embarrassed by my boy crazy ways and my horrible spelling. Little hearts and doodles in the margins as I thought up ideas. I loved writing poems, and actually was quite good at it. I remember handing in a stack of poems to my grade 10 english teacher, Mr. Robertson, because I couldn't pick one; I got an 110% on that assignment, he gave me bonus marks. I am an emotional person with a flare for the romantics so poems and I got along swimmingly. My heart would pour onto a page as my hand swept over the paper. Never erasing just putting black lines through words as I perfected my rhythm. It was a source of comfort and occasionally a way to validate my feelings and understand what my heart was going through as my head hadn't quite caught up. Words were my escape as well as my source of defining my reality. Words allowed me to understand what I was dealing with then let me move past it. Words were the reason I started this blog, although I wont lie that I still prefer the feeling of putting pencil to paper - it just feels more real, more substantial. 

Now, three years have passed and this little blog is filled with words. Thoughts I have poured onto pages and openly shared with the world. My fingers hit the keyboard with purpose as I find the words and build them into sentences that reflect me. I do erase, I do occasionally write and then save and never post, I don't have the anonymity I once had and so my words have to be crafted carefully. I don't censor myself too much but there are things I wont post about, that doesn't mean they aren't written and filed away though. This blog has become a journal of my life. Something that documents my life and files memories away in hopes that I don't lose them. I may someday look back and read posts and turn a little red, but that is because my life has progressed passed that point and I now see things much more clearly. There are also things that I read and look back on and remember how far we've come and how happy I have documented those old memories. How great it is to remember. 

So here's to the words. Here's to the memories, the pages of thoughts that have poured out from my inner most being. Here's to the rhythm in my words that are a reflection of my heart, beating away on the keyboard as they are made into a memory. Happy three years little blog. Thanks for letting me share my words.

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