Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Letter

Dear Isla,

You are quickly approaching your eleventh month of life and it seems as though we are running quickly to that milestone of one year of age. How is it that my wee child, my little baby girl, YOU are almost a year old. I feel like this year has gone so slow in some spots but light speed in others. Your body now wraps around me as I nurse, once you fit in only one arm. Your little hands reach up to me and your fingers try to play in my mouth as I feed you. You smile between gulps and so love the conversation we have with our smiles and our eyes. 

On the day you were born I was consumed with such an overwhelming sense of love, I had a hard time believing you were mine, now I look at you and in some many ways it is like a reflection. Not because you look like me, which you do, but because in so many ways your are a deep strong part of me. I can't imagine my life without you. You have consumed my thoughts, my heart and my mind. You are MINE.

You are such a social girl, crawling all over determined to meet others and be the center of attention. You draw people in with your smiling eyes and your infectious giggle. You are a happy girl, most of the time, and love to play! You are like to go! go! go! Except when your sad, or hurt, then your body trembles and big tears build up in your eyes, your arms so quickly reach up for me and you snuggle your head into my chest. My body aches when you cry. Sometimes you are sad because you are hurt, sometimes your are sad because you want something you can't have, or sometimes you are sad because you just need to be held. Thankfully, for the most part you are VERY happy.

My dear girl you still have so much growing to do and so much knowledge to learn and I am sure the years will flash right by, but I want you to know deep down in your heart that you are SO LOVED. In this moment, in this year, at this age, from the moment you were conceived and forever more you are LOVED. 

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