Thursday, May 6, 2010

Oh, the hospital.

Yesterday at 12:20am I was checked into the hospital here in town with a lot of pain in my lower right abdominal. My darling husband was quite concerned. The doctor thought it was appendicitis. After what seemed like a billion blood tests and an ultra-sound the doctor still had no idea what was going on and allowed me to go home at 5:50pm. Let me tell you, I was never in my life so excited to go home, but asked me to come in this morning to see what was going on. After a restless night it was nice to be able to sleep in my bed once again. 

So this morning I go back in, and well...Turns out I am just one of those mysteries, which in no way is reassuring to my husband. I got another bunch of blood work, lucky me, and was sent home again. The doctor is planning to call me around noon to give me the update on my blood work.

All that said, the down pouring of love these past few days have been immense. People have been calling and checking on me, there is an army of people praying for me, it is amazing. On top of all the prayer there were people offering to help with whatever Ben and I needed done. I am truly blessed. I know I am loved all the time by my husband and family, but in times like this the love is truly tangible!

(my sister got me a little care package)

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