Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And so it goes....

Oh Life. So, yes I procrastinate...but it seems it may have bit me in the bum. Last night I got a call from my mother-in- law....who also is my darling husband and I's land-lord. Well....we were originally planning to move in although time was ticking on me I had time. Turns out there is someone that is really interested in the house now. Which is great! But, also means that the next few weeks are totally going to be me tidying and packing, as well as getting rid of our oh so unnecessary belongings. In many ways this is great, the fact that my mommy-in-law doesn't have to hire a real-estate agent is great and saves money, it also give me a time-line which is totally motivating. The only down side is that my darling husband and I will have to live with my parents until we move to the coast. Which will definitely be an adjustment. the spirit of moving next week I am going to have some of the girls come by and choose what of my clothes they want so that I have less to pack. Which means what? It means many many many loads of laundry. 

Oh...and did I mention that my little cat loves laundry? Yes, she does...especially when it comes to towels! She is a huge fan of towels.

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