Friday, April 2, 2010

My Mothers Tea Cup Collection

My mother collects tea-cups and some pots as well. I have always loved that she did this. It actually inspired my wedding table centerpieces. I have never really known there to be a reason why she does this, other then she thinks they are beautiful. She has never been one to pick the normal plain tea-cups.

She picks the unusual, the whimsical, fairy-tale like tea-cups. The ones that look as if they have a story to tell. I look forward to someday having a daughter that can have a tea party with my mom.

Oh, how I love my mothers tea-cup collection. I plan on someday starting one of my own. One filled with whimsy. But, right now is not the time to start (something I have to remind myself) because they would not be easy to pack and move with us, all 12 hours away. So until we have settled, until we have a place of our own, my mother tea-cup collection will have to do.

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