Saturday, April 30, 2011

Simple Things.

(written on Wednesday)

I am going to be completely open here. These past few days have been horrid. Yesterday I was drained, completely. I spent a whole day with a child who had tantrum after tantrum screaming for me to "LEAVE!". I was stressed. I wasn't sure how on earth we would be able to make all the payments necessary to keep up. On top of my own stresses I have been carrying my husbands, who is stressed out of his mind as he has much to do before classes are done. On top of all of that I have been feeling alone, much to do with the fact that my husband has withdrawn into study mode. I have been in a slump and I really couldn't see much past it.

Oh....and did I mention that it is time for taxes?! Taxes have been stressing me out, and I have been putting them off. I remember as a child how in April we had to leave my dad alone as he sat hunched over at the table pressing buttons on a calculator figuring everything out, and so now I stress unnecessarily. So today we got everything put together and headed off to H and R Block. We sat nervously in the tiny cubical as a lovely lady (really she was the sweetest woman EVER, I hope we get her next year) crunched numbers and figured out our taxes for us. I was rubbing my hands like a crazy nervous person.

This is why I know we have an amazing God looking after us. I was sure that since I am self-employed, as of this past October, I was going to be owing. God must love me because he knew we couldn't pay for anything at this moment, we can barely pay for groceries, I was not owing anything. In fact, I got a lovely tax return and because of this we are going to be able to pay for everything we have to. It is crazy how something so simple can change ones day.

Simple things can bring such joy. I feel so blessed to have a God that loves me and cares about how I am doing. I am so thankful for these simple things.

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