Tuesday, August 14, 2012

June 30th 2012

Dear Baby,

Today I took a test when I got home, a test that told me that I was growing you. Your dad didn't believe it, so he went and bought a digital test, and it confirmed the truth, I am growing you inside of me.

We are so excited. We have been dreaming about you my child, we have been hoping and praying that someday we would be ever so blessed to have you. It is still so surreal. I have a hard time believing it but, it is the truth. Soon we will be filling up our wee house with things for you, a crib, toys and teddy bears, clothes, and so much more. Soon you will be here filling our house with so much joy.

We have so enjoyed being two but we are so excited to make it three. We love you already. Keep growing strong my love.

Mom Loves you.

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