Monday, August 6, 2012


I love summer. As a child I lived for it. I love the beaches, I love the fruit, I love the lazy days laying in your back yard reading magazines. I love summer. The thing I loved most though, was going to my grandparents cabin. Oh, the days I spent there. Right on the water, that is the place I learned to swim. The campfires as night where we would all sing "free falling" and my Uncle would play the guitar. Our parents would put us to bed but we would be able to hear them minutes after tucking us in all still chatting by the campfire. The smell of it, I know that may sound weird but I love the smell.

(cousins and I at the cabin)
To me as a child summer was the cabin. This year we have yet to make an appearance, and I long to be at the cabin. I would love to be there with family and friends and enjoy this summer. I would love to walk through the corn maze at DeMille's farmers market, enjoy some gelato at The Pink Cherry, and spend time jumping off the dock seeing who can make the biggest and smallest splash. 

I look forward to years from now when all of us kids have kids of our own and our grandpa takes them on wagon rides pulled behind the ride on lawn mower.

We haven't gone yet this summer, and I doubt we will go. I will miss it this year but, next year it is going to be awesome. This year, I will have to learn to have a summer without and enjoy the moments here, at home.

What does summer look or mean to you? What is your symbol of summer?

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