Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it snow....

When we initially decided to move here I wiki'd Nanaimo to just get a little more in the know. I read about famous people who live here, history, industry,etc. Then I got to the bottom of the page where it talked statistics about weather. This is when I got excited. Where I used to live weather was typically pretty brisk in the winter. I remember as a middle schooler it once got down to minus forty and somehow the school was still open. So the fact that the record cold in January here was minus seventeen got me more than a little excited. I was thrilled. I would casually bring up in conversation the fact that the average temperature was plus two in January, you know just to make people envious. It was practically tropical! 

Yet, now I feel like I may have said too much all those months ago because it has been snowing here for four days, and there is no sign of it letting up. It isn't minus forty of anything...just a slightly brisk minus four. On top of that....we may have gotten used to the warmer weather quite quickly and well, we just aren't able to take this the way we used to. Hopefully this cold kick wont last too long because I would like to get back to being able to rub our warmth in peoples faces. That said, I am totally loving the snow and winter wonderland. I will try to get pictures up soon.

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