Saturday, November 27, 2010


Have you ever looked at your peers accomplishments and slowly feel as if your self-worth is depleting? As if what you've been pouring your life into hasn't been enough? This happened to me today. I was looking through some blogs and came across one by a girl who I graduated with, a girl who was a good friend of mine when I was in my primary grades. Suddenly I had that sinking feeling, how on earth did it happen? She is now a well-known personal stylist and I am a nanny. I had plans, idea's, I wanted to succeed. 

This is when I looked at my husband, almost near tears feeling rather worthless. "I've done nothing, I haven't achieved anything." He was quick to point out that I may not be accomplished in the sense of a career but, I have great worth and have accomplished many great things. I may not have spent the last four or five years studying to make a career for myself but, what I have been pouring myself into is extremely valuable and I have accomplished much. I have been pouring my heart and soul into people, specifically teenagers.
(a retro picture of me and some of my girls)

The past four (going on five) years I have mentored and built lasting positive relationships with young females. I have created a home that is a safe haven for both the girls I mentor as well as Ben's boys.

(Left- my twins I've been mentoring them since they were in grade 7. Right- me and two other leaders all dressed up from theme night...the them was "80's rock and roll")

Yes, I'd love it if those car seats in the back of my car were for my own children, but they aren't. I'd love to be an accomplished photographer but, that hasn't happened yet. I'd love many things but, that doesn't mean I have accomplished nothing. To some people having a career is really important, statues is important, making lots of money is important and as much as yes those things are nice, I've put relationships at a higher-archy and I've spent these last few years of my life investing in something that is incredibly important. I've invested in people, in teenagers. I have changed lives. God has changed lives and used me as his tool.

So yes, I may not be incredibly ambitious. I may not have the career of my dreams. I may not have finished college. BUT, I have helped people, and I feel so blessed to be able to say that my life has changed other peoples lives in a positive manner. 

I love what I have done and look forward to doing more.

 So for now, nannying gives me practice for parenthood so I'll be more prepared when we do get to put our own child's car seat into the back of our car. Mentoring gives me life and keeps me young. Investing in people....well people aren't ever out of style, what I do lives on. Trends may change, things may get worn through, but people are always important, people are always valuable, and the relationships I create are worth so much more than any career. It may not put money in the bank but boy does it feed the soul.

Do something today...that makes you happy. Do something today that will last through the trends and the changes. Feed your soul.

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