Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November. 24th 2010

Dear Husband,

Right now you are working away in our bedroom, typing, researching, reading. This past week has been so hard for you and you are stressing out. I've been busy working nine hours a day and have hardly seen you these last few days, you are such a hard worker. 

I just wanted you to know that I so amazingly proud of you and feel so blessed to be your wife. I am a lucky woman and I know that so much of what you are doing now is for me. You don't enjoy school but, you are going through it and finishing it for me, for us, for our future. 

Thank you so much for all you do for me. I truly have no idea where I'd be without you. You are amazing, and I know I am so loved by you. I love you darling, through and through. I am yours for ever. xoxoxxx.


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