Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow day...

Yesterday was beautiful. I woke up to snow, glorious snow! It was just a small token from home and boy, was it ever beautiful. So, I got the day off (people don't work when it snows here). I celebrated, I breathed it in, I was in a complete state of joy.

So I spent the day with my loves snuggled up on the couch drinking hot chocolate. Smiling as my heart melted over and over again. What luck I have, to be with this amazing man enjoying this amazing day. 

Rocco thought she would be a very cute model for me as I played with my camera some.

Oh I ate it all up! It was pure bliss. Then came the icing, something I have been looking forward to for months! We put on our snow-pants and jackets, I wore my toque and boots and we walked out into the snow to make a SNOWMAN! I'd like you all to meet Bill Clinton...

( or as named by Ben "a Bourgeois Buffoon")
This morning though, I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock ringing and although it was a great day today, and still shows signs of bliss, I am totally living as if it was yesterday again and still feeding off that icing. I think that is what the past is for, it is what fuels you in the pursuit of joy!

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