Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary Little Blog.

I've been writing for two years. This little blog is two years and two days old, it feels so weird. This blog holds posts that are difficult to read, ones that I look back and remember where I was and that it was hard, it holds posts filled with optimism, posts that make little to no sense, all of what is in it is authentic and holds it all.

It holds thoughts that I have yet to be able to verbalize. This blog, this tiny blip in the world of internet, this mine.

When I was in grade school I loved poetry. I would sit and read, I understood it and it understood me. I sat in my room with my notebook writing poems because it seemed the best way to get my thoughts out. My feelings would pour onto the paper and lift of my shoulders.

That is what this little blog has become. My notebook. The pages are filled with my thoughts and feelings, it eases my spirit. Two years.

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