Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeking Adventure.

My stomach turns as I sit here on the couch, I am not sure if it is because I haven't eaten yet today or because I am actually just feeling sick. I have a sneaking suspicion that I may just need to eat. I get in these moods sometimes, where I just want to sink into the couch. I have been in this mood for a few days and as much as I feel like that now I feel like I have to get out of it, I have to seek an adventure. I need to do something besides checking my Facebook repetitively or finding things on the internet that need pinning.

Today I am going to seek adventure, I am going to go out and find something to celebrate. Today I am going to seek God and see his glorious world, creation, children. Today I am going to have a great adventure. I am going to celebrate this moment in time, I will live in this moment. For these moments will soon pass.

Tomorrow comes quickly, so why wonder about it. Instead today I will be here.

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