Monday, December 13, 2010

Choosing Happiness.

I sometimes feel that before I write things down on my blog I have to come up with some sort of wisdom. I have to figure something out, become wiser in some way, then write about it. Well, today I haven't figured anything out, I wouldn't say I am any wiser than I was yesterday, today I just wanted to write and so, that is what I am doing.

As previous posts have mentioned the last little while hasn't exactly been easy, in many ways it actually has been quite difficult. Ben has been so busy and stressed with school that I ended up taking on many of his feels and was also quite stressed. So the end of his final papers and first exam was greatly anticipated last week. Oh how excited I was last Friday to finally be able to have a weekend with my husband. Friday was great! We went over to my in-laws and spent the evening watching Christmas movies and eating lots of yummy food and slept over. Saturday morning was splendid, we went for a walk, had an amazing breakfast, and were finally able to sleep in. The afternoon was quite busy for me and my darling hubby promised that we'd have the day just the two of us on Sunday. Well lets just say Sunday didn't go as planned.

I was so irritable. Everything was bugging me, not only that but I had a wee-bit higher expectations than Ben did when it came to having a day together. Sunday was a bomb. I, in many ways, made it be that way. That said at the end of the day I was happy and crawled into bed with someone who loved me.

Maybe today when I get back home I can have a lovely evening with my hubby. Maybe we can watch a movie? Maybe he has planned something, if not we are still going to have a splendid time, I will make it splendid. Today I will choose Happiness. Because really that is all happiness is, it is a choice.

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. 
                                                                                  - Abraham Lincoln

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