Thursday, November 24, 2011

Come Shop With Me: baby it's cold outside edition

Baby it's cold outside

Typically when you think winter you think a big warm puffy jacket, fortunately with me it never really gets that cold here. I still wear my winter jacket sometimes but, for the most part, I am able to get away with a nice down vest. I have a lovely MEC black vest that I live in for the most part during the fall and winter and it does me great but, this vest is to die for. Isn't it cute?! To be honest, this whole outfit is so completely me, I have pants almost identical just without the rips. I could probably manage to pull something like this together with what I own, except for the shoes. I don't own any sneakers like that.

What is your go to clothing item when winter comes around? are you a mitten person? Do you prefer toques? What is your winter necessity?

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Anonymous said...

I want this outfit! Just not the hat...I can't do hats unfortunately. Perhaps a scarf instead? - your Kirstennial