Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2nd 2011

Dear Husband,

I haven't written you a letter in quite sometime, I apologize. We've been rather busy the last while. You with school work, papers, presentations, readings; Me with work, looking for work, preparing to be done work. Life has been busy.

Yet, we are able to find moments. Oh how I love moments. Time where we sit snuggled up to one another eating mini candy bars and watching Doctor Who. I love those moments.

You are the sweetest. This morning when I woke up you were sleeping so soundly. Your bedhead might just be the cutest thing out there. I couldn't help but stare, and so I did. I slowly woke up, got up, and stretched out, all while you still slept soundly.

I always wish you ate a better breakfast, so I proceeded to making you one. I walked to our neighborhoods Serious Coffee and got you a Peanut Buster Bar, came home made you some hot chocolate. I slowly woke you up and gave you your breakfast....which you still haven't eaten. Actually, it has been an hour and you are still curled up in bed my love.

I just want you to know I that I love you and I am so glad that you are mine and I am yours.

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