Thursday, November 17, 2011

Come Shop with me

If I had the money, I would own this exact outfit. I absolutely love the hat, it was kind of the starting point for the whole outfit. Sadly, I don't have much for right now I will just long. Maybe someday I will find some similar pieces on the cheap and buy them. Well okay, not all of these items are completely unreasonably priced just the jacket, and earrings, okay well and maybe I wouldn't pay that kind of money for the sneakers. So, maybe, I will buy the hat....someday.

Nov. 17 '2011

249 SEK -

Rick owens jacket
£1,410 -

Hollister Co. destructed jeans
$50 -

Ash distressed shoes
$188 -

MbyM extra long scarve
€50 -

Vintage retro sunglasses
£9.50 -

Khaki hat

Hope you enjoyed shopping with me,

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