Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Few of my Necessities....

Last week I shared about my journey to a healthier lifestyle. It is strange how we all have our little things, and routines, and habits, and occasionally things we do become a necessity. I have developed some new little quirks these past few months, not ticks, and not something people would really pick up if they saw me. Just things I've noticed about myself. I am not sure if they are habits or not but if they are I have no objections.

I like my apples sliced. I will take the time to cut my apple just so because I do not like eating an apple just as, yes I am that stubborn. I need it sliced. I will eat two or three apples in a sitting, as long as they are sliced.

Ben will no longer cut me apples because of this. I have to say though, my love for apples has grown remarkably. I really do enjoy eating them. Actually I am eating one right now. 

I have become a lover of Tomato Soup. I used to hate the meals where I'd sit down at the table and have to drudge myself through a meal of soup. I mean really I am not a baby, I don't need to be on a liquid diet. At least that was my thinking. These last few months though, I live on Tomato Soup, not just any Tomato Soup though, Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup. It is so good. I tell you, I have it most days as a lunch. My soup, my toast, and an apple. Perfection I tell you. There you go, two servings of Fruits already, in one meal.

My Calender, and my notebook. Everything has to be written down just so. On the calender Ben's things are Highlighted in Blue, Mine in Orange, things we do together (ie date nights) in yellow, and everything Young Life related in purple. It has to be that way. If it isn't I will get rather worried. Also, my notebook has to be written in such a way, I can't really tell you how, it would take to long, so here is a picture.

If it is not spaced out properly, I get rather peeved. I have tore pages out because I don't like how they look. Everything is written in capitols, spaced out just so, each page has the date and the day, the number of calories total that day at the top. I am not sure if this is obsessive but, either way I have found it to be positive.

I think most of these new little habits I've picked up are results of changing my lifestyle. I think because I am dealing with changes I've picked up a few necessities in a way to control something. I mean yes, I am in control of myself, and I am in control of what I eat but, it is still a change in my life. So to keep myself sane while I deal with these changes I've adapted and started taking control of new things in my life.

Here's to those new changes and new necessities created through those changes.


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