Monday, November 28, 2011

Oh, Monday.

Today...well okay not all day, this evening I have a bad case of the Mondays. Things just aren't going right. Most of the day I was happy. I was working and things went smoothly and I was enjoying my job. This evening though, not so good. I picked up a form I need to fill out, the filling out was not so easy. I needed to find another form and use the information from it to complete original said form. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the form with the information that I needed. I then decided to turn to the government websites. I am never doing that again. They are the worst. I got rather grumpy.

My lovely little feline friend was leisurely reading her mad-libs, I had spent almost three hours searching for a stupid form.

I retired for a short time to went to pick up my hubby. I was still grumpy. It was not a positive drive home. He was not pleased that I was messing with the files. I was only messing with one, and actually I had made it more organized. We got home. He looked around and things I had taken out and scattered on the floor in piles, in about 2 minutes was able to find what I had spent three hours trying to find. I am still grumpy about that, and I still need to find yet another form to complete the original form.

Tomorrow, I promise I'll be less grumpy and perhaps I'll spend my time at the gym instead of looking for stupid forms. Hopefully next Monday will be more happy for me.

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